måndag 29 mars 2010

Salvage (2006)

How about a horror version of Groundhog day? Made on the cheap with somewhat dull digital photography and uneven acting skills?

Claire Parker is on the way home from her dull extrajob at a gasstation when a stranger arrives to pick her up in her boyfriends car, telling her that he knows her boyfriend and that he told him to pick her up. Naturally she is suspicious, but lets him drive her home, a bit freaked by his weird behaviour. Naturally, he is the major psycho she believes him to be but doesnt realize that until he later breaks into her home and kills her. As this is Groundhog day without Bill Murray and and a budget lower than the catering of previously mentioned movie, Claire wakes up again at the gas station, believing it all to be a horrible dream. But then weird things start to happen, she sees the man from her dreams several times but no one believes her. The events of the next day doesnt follow the "dream" exactly but she still ends up being killed by the same man, waking up again. Events continue the same way over and over, with the mystery deepening every time, especially when she finds out that the man really is dead. What the fuck us going on?

Yes, this is very low budget movie with a cast of about six. Lauren Currie Lewis who plays Claire does a decent job in a role that mostly requires her to frown and show up those pretty blue bambie eyes but the rest of the cast are rather bland. Thank god the direction is better, with an interesting script moving along in a decent pace. The photography is as I mentioned earlier somewhat dull but on the other hand, it does actually suit the movie rather well, capturing that drabness that a small town can have, whether it's in Sweden or in the US. It all adds up to a twistending which actually is rather good, either you see it coming or not. I'm not really sure I can recommend it to everyone, a few people will probably be put off by the low budget part, but if you like your chills independent and your twists good, you just might like this.

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  1. Well I can recommend Salvage (2009)...

    Well I liked it... (the other Salvage that is, still to see this one)