torsdag 18 mars 2010

AM1200 (2008)

Lovecraftadaptions are usually a very mixed bag and the most succesful ones are based on stories that are easier to adapt or they work because to tend to differ a bit from the material. AM1200 is not actually an adaption, the material is an original script but the material is very Lovecraftian and works just fine in that old school EC way with a hilarious, yet groovy twistending. This is fun and well shot stuff which should be watched by anyone who likes good horror. The story is classic, yet enticing. A man is on the run after embezzling money (and causing the suicide of a colleauge) and heads out in the wilderness, just fleeing. Somewhere in the desert he finds a channel on the radio where a strange voice asks for help. Soon after he takes a wrong turn and ends up on a barely used forest road and wouldnt you know it, his car breaks down just in front of a path leading to that very same radiostation, AM1200. He finds the place deserted except for a man in a catatonic state and realizes that this is the person that called for help. But why?

There's not really anything else to say. AM1200 is a superbly shot little horror story with good acting and great looking photography and locations which, for once, has a story that easily could have been extended into something fullength. But David Prior, the writer and director, wisely sticks to his short format, making every second count and delivering some solid horrors that are sure to stick on your mind for some time after you finished watching it. Good stuff and quite a showreel for the future.

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