måndag 8 mars 2010

[Rec] 2 (2009)

Ok, Jaume Balagueró is by far the most promising movie director I have encountered in the last ten years. So far he hasnt made a movie even close to sub-par. Both The Nameless and Darkness are superior movies, and even the somewhat flawed Fragile had a number of awesome scenes in it. When REC came, it cemented his stature as a great horror filmmaker. Now comes REC 2 and the expectations are high. Is Balagueró capable of a good sequel?
Yes. REC 2 is as good, if not slightly better. The power of Balaguerós (and Paco Plaza of course) filmmaking is even more so when you realize that the movie is set in the exact same building as the first movie and and the fact they still manages to keep up the momentum is an awesome task.

So, if you havent seen the first movie you should. A cameracrew is following a group of firemen as they enter a building but it is soon quarantined when an infection, very similar to the one in 28 days later, starts to spread. It is a great piece of energetic horror with a lot of adrenaline all shown through the cameramans camera and part two is exactly the same. Fifteen minutes after the events of part 1 a SWAT-team is sent in along with a doctor to look for survivors. Of course, there is something more than that and we get an explanation to the cause of the infection. An awesome explanation. I gather some people will find it silly but me - that's the kind of plottwist I like. What really impresses me is that the movie basically reuses the same storystructure as the original, but somehow manages to come out fresh and engaging. If you liked the first part, you will like this as well. And if you hated the last 15 minutes of the first REC, you will hate the last 15 minutes in this one.

I liked this a lot, I just might even like this one a bit more that the original which proves once again that Spain is the horrormoviecountry of this millenium. So far at least. The movie is violent, scary and is an awesome example of how to make a sequel. Very well recommended.

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  1. Ok, gotta see it soon... Heard from a certain doctor that it was more of a "House of the Dead"-kind of movie, and that I wouldn't like at all... but we'll see...

  2. It's awesome... and you, who is a Graham Masterton fan, will like the explanations... it's something he definately could come up with... ;)

  3. Well, that´s one of the two reviews you promised so when can we expect the next one? ;D

  4. There just might be four more today. ;)