måndag 15 mars 2010

Drunken stupor

So, the last saturday I met upp with a couple of friends on the town for a nice little movieevening with lots of beer, booze and.. uh.. movies!

We started by making a huge dish of excellent lasagne, the kind that has you gasping for air and afterwards trying hard not to fall asleep as your digestive system is shutting down just about everything in your body to process the food. While doing this we watched Hardware on bluray. The movie is still as entertaining as ever, though the main talk during the movie was what Richard Stanley could've done if he had had a bit more money.

They live was on next - a minor John Carpenter movie for several reasons. Reason number one is Roddy Piper, who isnt much of an actor. Reason nr two is that it has a pretty pisspoor excuse for an ending. It is still a fun little flick but Carpenter has made a lot better movies and spent most of the time talking about Pipers haircut and all the the cool quotes that appeared in other media, like Duke Nukem 3d.

So, cherrycoke and absolut vodka? I think I'll stick to redbullvodka in the future. Yech.

Now we turned towards redneck territory with Pighunt, a mixture between the Giant animalgenre and the nasty hillbillymovie. The movie would've been better with characters that werent just assholes and there could have been a lot more violence, but the copious nudity and the nasty rednecks compensated a bit.

By now we were getting pretty drunk and the conversation turned turned, as it always does, to Heavy Metal, me being a more synthpop kinda guy. Nothing ever comes out of these discussions other than the fact that I still dont love poodle metal.

Next movie in line was two episodes of the magnificient british comedy series Garth Marengi Dark place, a superb parody of 80s horror which everyone should own. Seriously, it's fucking awesome.

After this we started to watch Versus, my favorite japanese zombiemovie, though I will admit that by this time I was pretty drunk and didnt watch much. We were just trashtalking alot with me mainly saying bad stuff about Heavy metal and the others about Kraftwerk. you know. the usual.

So, when Versus was finished i forced the others two watch Evil dead trap but then I began to feel pretty lousy so I decided to head home. It was, after all, three in the morning. When I left the other two decided too watch Martyrs, which is another excellent french flick but should frankly be watched while sober to maximize its effect.

Well, that was just about it. The day after was spent wathing Kung fu panda, Mythbusters and playing Left for dead 2.

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