torsdag 4 mars 2010

Days of darkness (2007)

So, a piece of a comet runs a trail through the skies above Northamerica. The next day most of the living people are walking corpses and the few survivors in LA are hiding in an abandoned military facility while constantly bickering within the group. Until they realize that there is more to these zombies than what appears at a first glance... you know, a scifi twist.

I wish I could say that this was a good movie, there are several things about it that i like but it's all drowned in a swamp of clichés. The story is interesting but draws too much inspiration from the movies the filmmakers obviously cherish, and suffers from some not so good storytelling. The story itself is fine, but the actions of some of the characters is somewhat erratic. The characters are ok, decently acted but never really feels like anything other than characters in a moviescript. The script tries hard but the endless monologues of exposition never feels authentic. Kudos for trying though, which is more than I can say for a whole bunch of movies with a similar budget. Another not so good bit are the special effects which are ok, as long as its plain facemakeup or gore. There is a sequence where a character is attacked by a creature, though well designed, just about as mobile as a McFarlane actionfigure. The whole thing just looks stupid. The background story is pretty fun but comes with a twist that is... well, corny to say the least.

Not all things are bad though. The movie has a decent flow, good amounts of fun gore, a little bit gratitous nudity and is never really boring. I found myself entertained throughout the entire movie so if you want your lowbudgetzombiemovies tinged with a bit of "50s"ish scifi, this just might be your thing. I've seen a lot of worse similar movies and all in all, it is a good try. Just keep your expectations low and you will come out of it unharmed.

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