lördag 20 mars 2010

The Jail - A womans hell (2006)

So, what do we have here? All the ingredients we need for a good movie?

* An all female prison, with all the characters that belong in the genre. The evil warden, the sleazy doctor who always has a cigarette in his mouth, the lesbians, evil lesbian, the evil governor that likes to hunt women for sport. You know, the usual.

* Nudity. Tons of it. If you have a fetish for asian women, your head will explode while watching this.

* Gore. One unfortunate woman gets her tongue cut out and her breasts cut off. A decent amount of squibs. A head cut off and some more. The special effects are cheap but fun.

What else do you want? Well, a giant radioactive lizard would be nice, but it would be sort of hard to fit him into the plot. Bruno Mattei has fashioned a fun little flick, a throwback to the Italian exploitationmovies of the seventies of the eighties and though his budget is low (the prison seems to consist only of a yard, a cell and the showers), he makes the best of it. The story is cliched as hell, the acting is pretty bad (one of the evil characters sounds like William Shatner on heroin) and the dubbing truly awful, but we already knew it would be like that after seeing his other Phillipino movies, Island of the living dead and Zombies: The beginning. Mattei was a professional and the movie looks as good as it can. The movie is violent, sleazy and crammed full of so much nudity the filmmakers could muster. If thats how you like your movies, then you'll lap this up. Thank you Bruno and we all miss you.

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