måndag 29 mars 2010

Descent part 2 (2009)

Ok, so what is the fucking point of this? This is the kind of movie that gives sequels bad names. Not that it actually is bad, as in Transformers 2 bad (A movie I still havent finished watching after two tries) but it's just so... useless. Not only does it follow the retarded ending of the american version, Descent 2 actually has an "twist"-ending that is so fundamentally idiotic that you just shake your head and almost wish you never saw the damn thing... anything for another sequel.

Well, I suppose we only have ourselves to blame. We wanted more of Neil Marshalls hideously frightening cavemutants, that is certain. But what the sequel does is unforgivable. The original movie has an all female cast of strong women that actually feels like a group of friend, women who know what they are doing but end up in hell anyway. Descent part 2 does it the other way by bringin in a group of nondescript climbers, a female cop who we know will live the longest because she has a photo of her children with her and a sheriff with an iq of about 60, engineered just for the plot to advance in ways that will make you groan. Yes, the only survivor of the american version is found alive, but hysterical and since one of the characters in the original was the daughter of a senator, the sheriff automatically thinks that she did it. He forces her to go down into the cave again through the tunnels of an old mine to find out what happened and before you can say "lack of imagination", they are all trapped and hunted by the same freaky creatures of the original. To make matters even more stupid, the filmmakers have included an extra large mutant, sort of like an end of the level boss in a computer game and that does not help the movie.

Actually, the movie isnt so bad. It has gore, claustrophobic cave tunnels and moves along at a decent enough pace. I was never bored, just frustrated of the characters stupid behaviour, and I would probably not hate it that much if it werent for that ending that just comes out of the blue. The original's ending is one of the more inspired and horrible ones I have ever encountered and I suppose that is why I'm judging this one so much harder. I have seen worse sequels, no doubt about it, and Descent part 2 offers up 90 fairly decent minutes but as a followup it is a travesty. I have to stop having high hopes for sequels, it's bad for me.

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