söndag 16 maj 2010

Alien Uprising (2008)

I make no secret of the fact that I worship Alienclones, in fact, one of my wet dreams is soon coming true with both 80s faves Galaxy of terror and Forbidden world being released on special editions full of extras. Since there arent that many new clones made these days, we will have to settle for what we get. Such as Alien Incursion, which isnt exactly a good thing.

Let me see if you've heard this plot before. There is this mighty company with different colonies all over the universe and they have lost contact with one of them, so they send in a squad of marines and a company guy who is there to shut down the failing fusionreactor. The movie starts with the ships computer waking them up, preparing them for the landing. Oh yes, nothing new. Doesnt really have to be. Soon after landing they encounter a nasty creature that starts to kill them one by one.

Ok, so I like a halfdecent Alienclone much more than your average slashermovie but this is not particulary good. The story is cliched as hell, which doesnt really bother me much but the problem with Alien incursion is that it is way too lowbudget to have an impact and the filmmakers failed in their task of utilizing the small assets they had. For instance, everything is basically set in a warehouse, complete with empty shelves and lockers. The sfx when it comes to the weaponry is among the cheapest I have seen so far and makes your average Alfonso Breccia Star Wars ripoff look good. The actors are underwhelming throughout and spout their cliched marinedialogue with the enthusiasm of a high school play. The alien creature looks ok, not that you get to see it that much. I wanted to like this but it is a bit too hard to do that. Pedestrian filmmaking at its most boring I'm afraid. I would rate it a bit higher than the 2.7 that its Imdb.com average is, it's not that boring but I would only recommend it to someone like me that wants to see every Alienclone that has been made.

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