måndag 17 maj 2010

Crazies (2010)

Once upon a time in a town oh so small,
an airplane with Trixie from the sky would fall.
Oh my, What is Trixie? Anyone would ask,
it's a chemical agent: mayhem it's task.
It comes in the water, incubation is quick.
48 hours, then you get very sick.
A town full of crazies, death and despair
Well shot destruction, some gore here and there
The acting...

Ok, who am I trying to kid here, my english isnt exactly good enough to write a piece like this so I'll end this with:

The Crazies is a fun little flick
Somethingsomethingsomething or you can suck my dick.

And is it just me, or doesnt Timothy Olyphant look like he is 25? Seriously, Radha Mitchell looks like she's ten years older than him, when in reality she is five years younger.

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