tisdag 4 maj 2010

Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl (2009)

I wonder how Yoshihiro Nishimura and his ilks decide what kind of movies they are going to make every time. Part of me believes that they have a large number of different names and plotdevice on a wall and throw darts at them. If you've seen Machine girl, Tokyo gore police and Samurai princess you know what I am talking about and I can tell you that I am really looking forward to RoboGeisha and Mutant girl squad.

If you've seen the movies I mentioned earlier you will recognize this, especially the cheap and cheerful special effects. The plot this time is basically a Shoujo manga gone to hell where a young kid in high school, Jyugon (played by 29 year old actor Takumi Saito) falls in love with a transfer student named Monami. Problem is, she is a vampire and wants to make him into one. Another problem is Keiko, a girl who has set her eyes on Jyugon since way back and she isnt taking no for an answer. Ok, mix this with the various freaks and misfits of the school (The wristcuttinggroup, The Ganguro girls) and the fact that Keikos dad is a mad scientist and we get this delightful gory soup that only could've come from Japan. Keiko dies but her dad resurrects as a Frankensteinian monster and you know that there will be lots of bloodshed.

This is fun stuff from the first frame. The girls are cute, the hero is fairly useless and the gore is plentiful. Well, as plentiful as it may be, Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl has actually a bit more plot than usual and although it is just silly stuff as the wristcuttergirls singing songs about slicing their wrists or partaking in the wristcutting olympics, most of the movie is just plot. There is some blood here and there but less than I expected which meant that i was somewhat dissapointed with it. Until the climax though, where the last twenty minutes is just a long, awesomely gory and weird fight. All in all, Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl is a silly movie that will leave you with a smile on your lips, with all of its not so political correctness and those oh so cute girls causing all that mayhem. Not as weird as Tokyo Gore police and nowhere near as racy as Samurai princess but still a fun flick.

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