tisdag 18 maj 2010

Mu wu wang fa (1981)

More Shaw Brothers fun!

What price honesty is bit more serious than the SBmovies I have seen before. We follow three old friends who have joined the policeforce in a chinese town a couple of hundred years ago. They are young and bright and have no idea of how corrupted the policeforce in the town is, which immediately leads to confrontation with the other officers. This soon leads to the death of one of the men and the other are starting to wonder if they should give up the job. But then things get even worse as they start to turn on each other.

It's business as usual over in Shaw Brothers country with cool sets, tons of decently choreographed fightscenes and lecherous overacting, but the story is actually much darker and serious than I am used to. It takes a decidedly nasty tone halfway through and keeps that momentum to the end with tons of nasty violence and humiliation. There is even a decidely odd scene where a female character is stripped, chased and murdered by a rapist that seems totally out of place in the movie. Not that all of this is a bad thing, all of this definately stays in your mind afterwards. If you like Shaw Brothers movies, you will like this.

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