söndag 30 maj 2010

Timecrimes (2007)

We all like a bit of timetravel in our movies, dont we?

However, I'm not really sure the protagonist in Timecrimes aka Los cronocrímenes agrees with me. He is just trying to relax in his countryhouse after a long day at work when he sees a naked woman in the nearby woods while looking at random stuff through his binoculars. He gets a bit curious and strolls off to look for her. He finds her lying unconcious (still naked) and while he is trying to decide what to do, a masked psycho stabs him in the arm with a pair of scissors. He flees with the psycho following and soon comes to a fenced in estate where he breaks in to hide. Yes, the best way to do that is to smash a glass door when no one answers the doorbell. If we are trying to hide we should leave lots of evidence to where we are. He finds a radio and starts to communicate with someone in a lab on the other side of the estate who tells our hero to come to him where it will be safe. Hunted by the masked psychopath, he makes his way there where he in instructed to hide inside a strange device full of water. He does just that, in panic, but when he later comes out of it he realizes it is one hour earlier. Now, in a timeline where he himself is out there roaming about, he has to make sure that events happen as they were supposed to or he may cease to exist. Or will he?

Yes, the masked bloody psycho that stabbed our hero is actually himself in another incarnation, thats not especially hard to figure out. The fun of the movie is to find out how the hell this came about and to follow the main character, who himself is not really sure he understands the concept of several versions of himself running around. Is he actually making things worse by trying to stay to the "script"? The script isnt exactly 100% clear on that but that is the fun thing about movies like these, they make you think. At least the movie isnt as ambigious as another timetravelfavorite, Primer. This is a great little scifimovie (admittedly with the scifielements fairly lowkey) with good acting and direction which should appeal to everyone interested in the concept (well, anyone who likes a thriller with a smart script really. As a bonus we get a lot of female nudity. Think about that. Well recommended.

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