tisdag 4 maj 2010

Hanzo the Razor: The Snare (1973)

Hanzo the Razor is the hardest man in the world. To make things easier for me because I am a lazy son of a bitch, I am going to quote my review of the first Hanzomovie:

"Razor Hanzo is a no bullshit guy. A bit like if Charles Bronson was living in Japan in the days when there were no filthy gaijin influences. He is a policeofficer in Edo but has some rather unorthodox working methods, which isnt exactly approved by his superiors but Hanzo is so fucking tough that he doesnt care, he hates them anyway since they're all whimps. When he is not out chasing criminals or corrupt officers, he spends his days torturing himself to become even tougher and also pounding his giant penis with a piece of wood to make it even.. harder? Hanso's speciality is coaxing information out of female suspects using his giant tool by putting them in a fishnet, lowering them down on his rod and then spinning the net until they tell him everything when he threatens to stop pounding them. Yes, only in Japan."

In the second movie, Hanzo gets in trouble with the Shoguns treasurer and discovers a temple that sells young women to lecherous old men. Yes, Hanzo gets to torture a nun this time. Awesome. Shintaro Katsu is hardcore as usual, I couldnt think of anyone else that would look so cool running around killing people in his underwear to the tunes of an awesomely funky seventies synthscore. This is a fine piece of violent 70s exploitation and I truly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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