fredag 14 maj 2010

The Deadly mantis (1957)

Something strange is happening in the Arctic. A weatherstation is destroyed, then an airplane and the authorities are baffled. What could it be? What creature is capable of destroying a plane like its a toy? I wonder why, when I am sitting in my sofa watching The Deadly Mantis. Yes, as I watch the military wade through minutes upon minutes of stock footage as they they try to solve the mystery of what creature this can be, in the movie The Deadly Mantis. I ponder this question myself. What could it be? In The Deadly Mantis.

Jokes aside, this is an excellent little flick where the military try to stop *SPOILER* a giant mantis *END OF SPOILER* from reaching South america. The plot is rather minimal, the characters arent particulary interesting but the *SPOILER* Mantis *END OF SPOILER* is an awesome creation and the scenes where it destroys various buildings are awesome. There is truly a shitload of stockfootage but since that is pretty common in the genre, it doesnt hurt the movie that much. I have seen worse. The actors range from stiff to somewhat average which also is a staple of the genre. Nathan Juran, who made a lot of fun movies with Ray Harryhausen, directs with his usual professionalism and if you like 50s monstermovies, this will be 80 minutes of wonderful fun. The only thing that I would have liked is more footage of the *SPOILER* Mantis *END OF SPOILER* destroying stuff.

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