söndag 16 maj 2010

Paranormal entity (2009)

The Asylum are back with another cheap knockoff, this time with a carbon copy of the smash hit Paranormal activity. Directed by Dick Van Dykes grandson Shane, this is actually way cheaperlooking than the original which supposedly cost $15000 but it isnt actually as bad as you would think.

The movie starts with a 911 call where a Thomas Finley calls the police claiming that someone killed his own family, ending with "It killed her!" We are then told that Thomas Finley was arrested for the rape and murder of hiw own sister and later commited suicide in his cell. One year later a tape was found in the attic of the house and that you are about to watch what really happened. It turns out the mother in the family was trying to communicate with her dead husband, letting something else into their home... something much nastier.

Not bad, not bad. There are a few silly little things with the movie such as the fact that the house doesnt look lived in at all. There are no clothes in the closets, barely any decorations at all which sort of enforces that cheap aura. The nightvisionscenes doesnt look nightvision at all, more like someone lazily slapped a green filter on it. Then there is that cross on the wall in the sisters room, made out of cheap plastic, which just is plain goofy. Or are people actually hanging cheap plastic crosses on the wall? I wouldnt know. Anyway, these little things do their best in dispelling any sort of realistic feeling in the proceedings, but if you are able to look past them, as I was, you will find that there is a nice little scary movie waiting. The horrorscenes themselves (knockings on the walls, poundings, weird writing, footprints) are fairly creepy and to the movies defence, there actually is a lot more going on in Paranormal Entity than in Paranormal Activity. No long dialoguescenes, just nice, cheap scares. Kudos to Asylum for including a bit of nudity as well, something Paranormal Activity sorely lacked.

A decent little horrormovie which is quite worth watching if you like this type of movie. The scares are decent, the story is ok, the actors better than I expected them to be and the sister shows her boobs on several occasions. Check it out.

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