söndag 30 maj 2010

Baby Blood (1990)

Here is a fact: The world needs more movies like Baby blood.

It's not that it's an entirely original story. Girl gets infected by parasite that forces her to kill, kill and kill again. The woman is pregnant and the parasite takes over the fetus, wanting to be born of a real pregnancy, all the while being fed blood. Not a bad story itself, parasites are good fun, but Baby Blood goes towards masterpeice material in the way it treats the story. Instead of going the usual way, a gorefest, it instead concentrates on the strange relationship the parasite and the woman has, and develops even further throughout the movie.

For a movie that is basically about showing gallons of blood and a decent amount of nudity, Baby blood sure has a nicely poignant story. Through several scenes we get to follow the relationship between the woman and the parasite as it grows and we, well at least I, arent really sure that the thing inside her is really that evil, especially since the people around her are mostly scum and assholes that really wont be missed. All this leads up to the birth and the scenes following that are even stranger, gorier and wonderful. There is an awesome scene in a bus full of drunken soccerfans towards the end that is a classic. Then there is that ending that really doesnt tell us everything we want to know but is strangely satisfying in is abruptness.

Ok, so the special effects are a bit uneven, I will admit to that. The acting can be a bit off too, especially the lead character who sometimes is great, sometimes just average. But all in all, the whole concept of the movie is just plain awesome and is drenched in rich colours on the screen that just makes it more appealing in its post80s kitsch. Baby blood is truly a classic which I will definately watch again. The question is, why did I wait 20 years to watch it?

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  1. And where the fuck is the sequel, Lady Blood? Shouldn't that one be released yet?