söndag 30 maj 2010

The Terror Within 2 (1991)

We all love Roger Corman. Just to see the logo of his old productioncompany Concorde brings a smile to my face. That was exactly why I put on the sequel to one of Cormans finest 80s production - the Alienclone The Terror within. My thought was, you cant fail with this.

Well, actually you can.

The story isnt bad. After a global plague humanity lives out a meager existence in a postapocalyptic world where the plague still kills and if that wasnt bad enough, the wasteland is full of nasty mutants who like to rape women. Andrew Stevens stars as a soldier roaming the wasteland for ingredients to a vaccine while the residents of an underground laboratory (led by just about the only good thing in this movie, R Lee Ermey) try to keep the mutants inside. Stevens saves a young girl from a couple of mutants, but cant stop her from being raped by a mutant as some survivors try to sacrifice her to it. They arrive at the laboratory but it doesnt take long before the girl gives birth to a mutant and to top it off, another mutant manages to get inside. Let the alienscloning begin!

R Lee Ermey cant fail, even though he is saddled with a really crappy role. The monstersuits are fun, slimy and rubbery, exactly as I like them. But other than that, this is just boring. The plot is just a bunch of poorly put together clichés, there is no gore and everyone just looks bored. The whole thing looks decent but there is really no excitement to get from it. The first movie wasnt exactly the best movie ever made but it hade a bit of gore, a decent plot and was at least entertaining which this really is not. At least see it as a timecapsule from the 80s and 90s, when alienclones had genuine rubber instead of cgi. Just dont watch it unless you really have to.

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  1. Part one has some gore, and it's strange that they skipped it the sequel. Those should always be bigger, bloodier and even more exploitative!