söndag 9 maj 2010

Avatar (2009)

I guess I am a bit dissapointed with the fact that I didnt go to the cinema to watch Avatar for if it is one thing the movie does right is look good. The environements are truly awesome and gel almost perfectly with the human actors and sets. If this is the way movies are going to look in the future, well let me tell you, It's going to look goood.

Too bad the movie has one of the most boring scripts in a long time. I have seen Scooby Doo episodes that were less predictable. Everything works sort of, in the way of entertainment, and the movie is never boring (which is a feat, since Avatar is over 160 mins long...), but there isnt a single plotpoint that you havent seen coming miles away. Another thing that bothered me a bit is the sanitized violence. I wasnt looking for a goremovie, but in Avatar everyone dies like in an old cowboymovie. They just keel over without a trace of blood. There were a few scenes that felt edited to cut away just before the violence and I wonder if this was done to secure a lower rating...

Still, as mindless entertainment this is way better than your average Roland Emmerich movie, but as far as James Cameron movies go, this is not among his best.

And lets not forget that H O R R I B L E endcredits song

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