fredag 7 januari 2011

Assault of the sasquatch (2009)

You cant really go wrong with a gory bigfoot flick. The End.

Well, I suppose you could, but the makers of Assault of the Sasquatch arent aware of this fact and has made a fine goremovie, very tongue in check and knowingly so. Director Andrew Gernhard (producer of such classy acts such as Predator Island and the Trees movies) and writer John Doolan even goes so far as to place the movie entirely in the city (except for a short sequence in the beginning when the furry freak is captured) and what we get is a goofy, gory version of Assault on precinct 13. You see, there is this unscrupulous hunter who has been hired by a weird millionarie to capture bigfoot aka Sasquatch. He manages to do this, but is arrested by the police and taken to a precint on the outskirts of a major city. The hunter is booked and put in a jailcell, with the police completely unaware that Sasquatch is locked up in his van. Not for long though. The creature breaks out and the gore starts. And a lot of silly humour.

And this is Assault of the sasquatchs biggest problem. There is a lot of very silly comedy here, and a lot of it isnt very funny, especially the parts with two geeks obsessed with Sasquatch, going around asking everyone they meet if they've seen him. On the other hand, as much as the jokes may not work all the time, the actors does seem to be in on the joke so it never gets as corny and unwatchable as your average Tromamovie. As a horrormovie it works a bit better. Pacing is good, never for a second letting its audience get bored. The policestation and its surroundings are excellent locations, and Gernhard handles the horror better than expected, although I suspect the whole thing was never supposed to be any scary. The gorequota isnt bad either, making it a rather enjoyable experience. In short, a goofy but somewhat funny little goreflick and who can hate a movie that features a bigfootcreature peeking on a woman showering? Just dont go into it expecting another Abominable, the ultimate gory bigfootmovie.

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