torsdag 12 april 2012

The Abomination (1986)

Oooookkk... Listen to this.

Cody lives in a rundown house down white trash lane with his religious mother that spends her days watching television evangelist Brother Fogg, beliving that only he can cure her of her lungcancer. After a healing session on the tv she coughs up a tumor which then mysteriously disappears, only to crawl into Codys mouth during the night. This strange tumor now takes over Cody completely, spawning additional weird creatures that start to nest in the kitchen all while making him kill random (and not so random) people in various cheap and graphic ways.

Wow. The Abomination is truly a wonder to watch. I have no idea what the budget was but it cant have been more than pennies, which makes the whole thing so much more impressive. Yes, it is cheap and horrendously acted (not made better by the fact that the movie was obviously shot on super 8 and dubbed afterwards by a group of people with the enthusiasm of sloths) but the movie rests on the awesome foundation that is THE ABOMINATION!. This creature is a huge mass of teeth and tentacles, filling the cupboards and drawers with its gloopy, rubbery nastiness. When Cody isnt outside slitting peoples throats or whacking off heads with shovels to feed the creature he brings them home and even gore ensues. If you can stick with the excruciatingly droning dialogue there is much joy to be had from all the stupid silliness of The Abomination. It's like David Cronenberg designed a goreversion of the muppet show, only to have Andy Milligan rewrite and direct it, just mindboggling and so plain odd and entertaining. Recommended for fans of 80s cheapo gore and those of us that like a little cozy weirdness on their screens.¨

You can buy it here on a doubledvd with Ozone: Attack of the redneck mutants.

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