fredag 30 november 2012

Demon wind (1990)

I would never accuse Demon wind of actually being a good movie but as entertainment go, you cant go wrong with the wonderfully cheesy 90 minutes of slimy horror that Charles Philip Moore serves us. A young man gathers a group of friends to help him look into what happened to his family and they travel into the barren wilds of some unnamed american part of the country (You know, the one with nothing else than a small diner with an old guy that tells them to stay away from the house) to the burned down ruins of his ancestral home. Before you can say "Evil dead-ish" the group find themselves hunted by THE DEMON WIND and are forced to stay inside the house, which for some reason is intact when they walk through the remains of the doorway, and fend of the demonic creatures that want their souls.

Yes, this is all so very very silly. Demon wind is a cheesy Evil dead clone with music straight out of a John Carpenter movie, oodles of elaborate and very goofy looking makeup and a general sense of fun! Hell, the movie even has a kung fu practicing magician that kicks the head off a demon! I'm pretty sure the scene where he performs a magic trick was inserted into the movie just because someone thought it would it look cool, it serves no purpose whatsoever.

And now I end up at that point where I really dont know what to write anymore, that particular phase that keeps me from writing reviews regularily. I want to write something entertaining and if I dont feel that the text I'm writing is entertaining enough I'll just stop and it will remain forever in the Draft zone. So instead I'll end this text (now that is long enough for publication) with this: If you like cheesy and cliched 80s horror you'll enjoy Demon Wind - it is quite ok. Not a masterpiece but nowhere near a disaster. It could be a bit more gory (there is lots of blood but it is yellow. Demon blood is yellow) but the pace is ok and there are boobs. A good late night flick with some ostbågar.   

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