tisdag 11 december 2012

X from outer space (1967)

Truthfully, Uchû daikaijû Girara is not a very good movie. It has a bunch of bored looking actors slumming through a not particularily well written script and a lethargic pace that takes forever getting to the kaijuaction. You know, like watching porn where the hardcore action doesnt start until 45-50 minutes into the movie. Ok, so this movie isnt exactly that bad but watching Peggy Neal laugh uncomfortably in that very odd lovetriangle that takes up way too much of the movie isn't really what I call entertainment. Fortunately all of this is redeemed 100% as one of the more insane japanese rubbermonsters makes its appearance - Guilala. A weird fusion of reptile and chicken with a pair of dangling antennas on its head, it really has to be seen to be believed. From there on it's groovy mayhem just as we like it, mass destruction galore as Guilala spawns from a strange object found in space and efforts are made to find a way to kill it. The sfx arent maybe up to par with Tsuburayas best but they're fairly detailed and there is a lot of them.

Yeah, not much of a review, I know. X from outer space is sillier than most Gojiras and Gameras but once you get past that slightly dreary first half it is good fun and recommended to all fans of Kaiju. The new dvdrelease from Criterion, part of the boxset When horror came to shochiku, is to my knowledge the first proper dvd outside Japan and while it might not be referencematerial (the image is a bit soft) it is still the best one I have seen to date and has both the awful dub and the original japanese language with english subs. All fans of Japanese monstermovies need to own this set, especially since the other movies in it are great fun (When writing this review I have not watched Genocide. Review coming soon). Go out and buy it. For Guilalas sake.

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