måndag 8 april 2013

Demonwarp (1988)

Demonwarp really had some potential. It starts with a meteor landing on earth with a preacher discovering it as he is trecking in those classic Californian hills. From then we move forward in time and watch as George Kennedy (who is prominetly featured on the cover but in the movie for about 10 minutes) is playing Trivial pursuit with his daughter in a cabin in the woods. All is well until something hairy attacks them and runs off with the daughter. As the plot moves forward in its intricate machinations we are now introduced to a group of overage teens traveling to the very same woods for a weekend of partying and debauchery, not knowing that the "leader" of the group is actually going there to find out what happened to his uncle who disappeared in the area. To pad the movie to a decent length the movie also gives us a couple of other random characters that never really interact with the rest, such as a hiker and two women who are only in the movie to show their breasts and get messily killed. So far so good, but now everything falls apart. Big time. And boy does it fall apart in one of the more bad ways I have ever encountered.

The first half of the movie isn't exactly good but it is at least somewhat entertaining. We get lots of nudity, bad acting and some nice gore, not a bad thing. But then the movie decides to throw in just about anything it can think of and turns plain stupid. SPOILERS GALORE from now on. You see, it is a Bigfoot doing all of this killing and it's just not any plain Bigfoot, it is an aliencontrolled bigfoot. The meteor that we saw in the beginning of the movie contained an alien who has for the last hundred years been sitting in a cave, turning travelers into bigfoots and/or zombies so that he can build a ship or something to be able to leave the planet. We eventually end up in the alien lair (about as high tech as anything made in the 50s) where the lead character confront the alien and his zombies who are all wearing cheap halloween masks, like they ran out of money for the final confrontation. It is straight out of the cheapest 50s scifi and such a big disappointment after the somewhat fun first half, you just can't take a second of it seriously. END OF SPOILER.

So, Demonwarp (nice title since there are no demons in it) is just a bad, silly movie; cheesy to the extreme. There is quite a lot of bad acting, naked breasts and cheesy gore to keep you interested throughout but in the end you just get frustrated by the climax that is so mindnumbingly awful that you want to put a bullet in your brain. If you just have to see every cheesefilled, latex-ridled horrormovie of the 80s then so be it, I suppose there are more boring movies than this. But I sure as hell won't be watching this again. Unless there is a proper dvd and a lot of beer.

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