torsdag 13 mars 2014

Gyémántpiramis aka Diamond Pyramid (1985)

A spaceship trying to land on an unknown planet is shot down during descent and the survivors hunted down and killed by an unknown assailant, but not before the last crew member manages to warn the authorities. A rescue team is sent out, led by the suave Tony, and they find a couple of surviving scientists and a young woman with no identity. Who is killing everyone and why?

This charming Hungarian tv-movie is just too adorable. It is pure East European scifi that feels like it is a part of an existing, ongoing story with a cool back-story about a fairly totalitarian society controlled by a computer. The sets are clunky but well designed and the models are fairly detailed, you can tell a lot of time was spent building them. The problem is (for some people. Not for me) that the whole thing looks like a Tom Baker era Dr Who episode, shot on video and having tons of very 80s chroma key compositions. If you look past that you get a very cool and lovingly stiff tv-scifi that is a hoot to watch with its fun electronic soundtrack and computers with vocoder voices. It does fall apart towards the end when we are treated to a big action-piece with a firefight in a cave that makes no sense whatsoever with everyone looking the same in their spacesuits and you have no idea who is firing on who. But by then I was already in love with all the hokey happenings. Good cheap fun.

And I totally adore that gasmasked angel in the background. Awesome.

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