tisdag 29 september 2009

Guilty pleasures aka Movies I love that everyone tends to hate

1. Oasis of the zombies.

I dont really know why I like this one. It is a fairly typical sloppy work of Jess Franco with tons of ugly zooms and lousy sfx. But there is something about zombies in the desert that makes me ignore its faults. Towards the end there are a couple of nice, eerie scenes (that almost are destroyed by that awful skull on a stick) and the story isnt half bad. I would like the spanish version though which isnt available with english subtitles.

2. Burial Ground

I hated Andrea Bianchis dirty little zombie movie back when I saw it in the 80s but I hated coffee too and and has since them learned to love both. I totally worship the filthy zombies, the awesome bleep and bloops of the soundtrack and the overall bleak atmosphere.

3. Species 2.

Seriously, why does everyone hate this one? It has everything. Gore, tits and tentacles, and it's constantly entertaining. What more do you need?

4. Book of shadows: Blair witch project 2

I have no idea why this was universally panned. It's a good horromovie and the filmmakers tried for something different.

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  1. This is a favorite subject :)

    I agree with you on every movie (well, I'm not THAT fond of Oasis of the Zombies), and it made me want to revisit Species 2 - a nice, goofy, gory and sleazy sequel.