tisdag 22 september 2009

So, what the hell is this?

I have a blog, in swedish, where I review just about every movie I watch. Mainly for the fun of it but also for the fact that it kind of forces me to wittle down that huge pile of unwatched dvds that's slowly been growing larger and larger over the years. I think it's about threehundredish about now.

In it I review mostly exploitation, grindhouse, spanish 70s, anything that has tits and gore basically, with a slight penchant for japanese rubbermonstermovies. Hence the title of the blog. I'm no journalist (not that that's a stamp of quality), but I try to write to entertain, without spoiling plots and I do not dish out hate at a moviemaker just for the fun of it. Only if he/she truly deserves it. If my memory serves me well, this has only happened once, with Olatunde Osunsanmis WIthIN aka The Cavern which is truly a vile piece of unwatchable crap which almost made me want to hunt the director down and kil... I mean demand my money back.

This comes from someone who worships Andrea Bianchis Burial ground, has four different dvds of Jess Francos Oasis of the zombies and once had the Gamera song as a ringtone.

So, why change from Swedish to English? Even though English is not my main language, I still consider myself a decent enough English speaker/writer to accomplish this. The main reason is that by writing in english I can reach more people and perhaps make more likeminded friends. So, let the mayhem begin

3 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome to the swedish blog-sphere in english :) We're looking forward to some nice reviews!

  2. Aj tink jo rajt inglisch veri god