måndag 22 november 2010

Night of the demons (2009)

The original 80s Night of the demons was never what I would call a classic. It is a fun little movie with some decent scares and gore (and that classic lipstickscene...) but without an ounce of originality. It got two sequels that I personally havent seen so I cant really comment on them, but did it need a remake? No. Still, it got one. Money money money.

The story is simple, a bunch of people are having a party in an old house with a nasty history. When the police arrive to disperse it, seven people remain for various reasons and wouldnt you know, there are seven demons in the house ready to possess the living so that they can be unleashed upon the earth. Simple and stupid. They find some tunnels underneath which they of course go down into, and spend hours in a "safe" room, while being picked of by the demons one by one.

And.. it's so boring. Technically the movie is servicable, with decent sets and excellent makeupeffects, but the script is so generic and dull that you dont really care. The classic lipstick scene is duplicated, but nowhere near as effective. The actors do a decent job with the little they have to work with but it doesnt really help. The movie never gets any exciting, just runs through the old rut. The movie does not take itself very serious and that helps, but all in all, the Night of the demons remake is a waste of celluloid. It's not really a bad movie, just clichéd and generic. Stick with the original.

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