onsdag 3 november 2010

Slow slow slow

Ok, lately I havent been writing much, never got around to it... To get a fresh start I've decided to write a number of very short reviews in one big post. So here goes:

Winter kills.
Fun, well acted but ultimately too predictable conspiracythriller with Jeff Bridges and John Huston. Very entertaining but with an ending that wasnt exactly hard to guess.

Black Death.
Grimy, well made medieval thriller by the director of Creep, Severance and Triangle.

William Wesleys is a true classic, a well made horrormovie that clearly transcends a low budget with a great concept and some fine gore.

Room 205.
Danish haunted dorm movie with a cliched script straight out of an american collegemovie. It's a bit of a mixed bag since the actual horrorcontent is well made.

The Killer
One of John Woos finest with Chow Yun-Fat at his best. An awesome actionmovie with shitloads of great actionscenes.

My Dear Killer
A fine giallo with an exceptional first murder. It never really reaches the same heights as the decapitation by mechanical digger but still worth watching.

Joe Dantes Jawsclone is almost as good as the original. Lots of cool cameos and cool fish.

Trick r Treat
Here is proof that the anthologymovie is alive and kicking. Well made, fun and really violent with good acting.

Neil Marshall does it again. Roman soldiers in scotland are butchered by nasty picts. Huge amounts of gore, great landscapes with only a rather predictable ending to let it down. Still fun as hell though.

The Howling
Another fine Joe Dante flick with great werewolves

Awesome. Truly awesome. The cultmovie of 2010. A roadmovie with gigantic, lovecraftian aliens.

City of the dead
Classic chiller in the same vein as Night of the demon and Night of the eagle. The atmosphere is thick as peasoup and Christopher Lee is great as usual.

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