tisdag 21 juni 2011

Attack of the beast creatures (1985)


On paper this sounds... well, not exactly good but at least interesting. Sometime during the early 1900s a boat sinks and the survivors float ashore on an unknown island. They go inland to find food and water but soon realize that this is no ordinary island! The rivers are full of acid, turning people into red goo in seconds. And then there is the little thing with the things that attack during the night, first seen only as glowing eyes in the dark. Like this one:


It turns out that the survivors have ended up on a island full of maneating, bright red puppets! Really badly manipulated puppets as well. The scenes of them running around in the undergrowth arent half bad but as soon as we come to some sort of attackscene we get puppets thrown from left to right and lousy actors trying to act panicky with a dozen dolls glued to their clothes.

Lousy is the main word here. There is a reason that none of the actors have any other actingcredits on Imdb and they arent exactly helped by a script with some truly abysmal dialogue. The only thing they do is walk, walk and walk. If they arent walking they are complaining about anything or get a doll or two thrown at them to the tones of a musician who tries to be Jean-Michel Jarre using the cheapest synth available. If you cut out all the dolls this could be a commercial for a company advertising taking strolls in the woods while complaining constantly.

Part of me likes the concept with the nasty island and the mean dolls but that doesnt make the movie all that watchable. As soon as the movie managed to whip up a bit of tension or mood it kills it instantly with overacting or horrendous dialogue. It is however not so bad that I will go so far as to completely hate it, the b-movielover within me has lots of patience for this kind of low budget dreck. I do love the dolls, the movieposter is awesome but I wouldnt really recommend to... anyone. Unless you really have to see EVERYTHING.

And I would buy it if it came out on dvd.

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