tisdag 21 juni 2011

Night of the demon (1980)


When a movie has a scene where the main characters set camp for the night and start telling each other that this is the site where that biker vanished some years ago, upon which they cut to a scene where a biker stops by the side of the road and promptly gets his dick torn off by Bigfoot, there is no going back. You HAVE TO worship that movie. It is fucking genius.

Night of the demon is one of those semiuknown little goreflicks of the eighties that never got a decent dvdrelease (the ones I know of are either cut or have fucked up audiotracks) and therefore hasnt got the recognition it truly deserves. Fortunately Code Red is about to release it and I will be first in line to buy it. Sure, it doesnt really qualify as a good movie, the acting is very uneven and the special effects are so so but where there's a will, there's a way.

We get the lovely company of a professor and some of his student following up on some rumours about Bigfoot, travelling into the woods and talking to just about any redneck not busy playing the banjo. They find out that a woman living in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere supposedly met the big hairy fella some years ago and hasnt spoken a word since. After a boatride into the deepest of deepest of horrormoviewoods they find the cabin. And the Bigfoot. And lets not forget the satanic Bigfootcult.

The best thing about this movie is the story structure. The scene I describe at the beginning of the review is not the only one of its kind, the movie stops dead in its tracks at least 5-6 times for a fun-filled gory flashback. "This is where the girlscouts got lost" or "This is where the fisherman dissapeared". A perfect way of lengthening the movie until the required 90 minutes. When our heroes finally find the cabin we enter one of those nice siegesituations with lots of slomo gore and it's just wonderful. Gore galore, arms are torn off, penises are torn off, people in sleeping bags are thrown on pointy branches, you name it. We even get a bit of Bigfoot rape as a bonus. This movie has everything. The story is ok, of course written to maximize the exploitation factor and while I cant really complain about the direction, the movie has that feel of the filmmakers making their first movie, both good and bad. I do love the music, alternating between the usual moodpieces and some glorious analogue synthmasturbation.

This is typical 80s gore, and if you like that genre you will gobble this up. The flick may have more balls than talent, but sometimes that is more than enough. Make no mistake, this is low budget schlock but it tastes so good! Guilty pleasure at its best.

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