tisdag 17 juli 2012

Dorothy Mills (2008)

Dorothy Mills is a perfect example of a sleeper, a movie with an intelligent script and some really good acting that just popped out of nowhere and never got any of the attention that it actually deserved, which is a shame. The dvd did promise an entirely different movie that we actually got which might be one of the reasons why.

When returning home from church on a small Irish island a family find their babysitter, the young Dorothy Mills, hurting their baby and all hell breaks loose. A female psychologist is called in to investigate why this happened and this proves to be quite a feat since the local population seems to truly hate the young woman, something that seems to have gone on for quite some time. It appears that the young girl is schizophrenic; carrying with her several personalities of people that once lived on the island. And they are very angry.

The cover of the dvd is a perfect example of false advertising, promising something similar to The Exorcist, which Dorothy Mills definitely isn’t. This is actually more of a supernatural criminal drama, telling the story of the girl, why everyone hates her with such malice and the secrets inside her mind. Thanks to superb acting by Jenn Murray as Dorothy this is excellent viewing. The character changes personalities on the fly and Murray handles this so well that I was really flabbergasted by the fact that this was her first movie role. The rest of the actors perform well and this helps a lot since the movie is a bit slow on the start. At first I actually felt a bit tricked since all of this seemed so clichéd, like we had seen it all before. The horror quota that was promised by the dvd is rather low but then came the ending and all was forgiven. Dorothy Mills is one of the few movies I have seen in the last few years that actually pulls this off, that has a twist ending that not only packs a punch but also feels natural as opposed to all the crap that lesser filmmakers shove in your face when they really dont know how to finish their movie. Give Dorothy Mills a chance; it is a well-directed and well written movie that rewards you with a good movie experience. Very recommended.

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