tisdag 17 juli 2012

Ozone! Attack of the redneck mutants

I will tell you this - if you are into überlowbudget 80s horror then you must buy the double bill of cheapo trash that is The Abomination / Ozone! Attack of the redneck mutants. These two movies are very much products of its time, when low budget horror poured onto the screens or straight to video - shot on super 8 film with no sound and horrendously dubbed in post-production. I reviewed the lovely abomination that is The Abomination earlier and now it is time to dissect the other half of this double bill .

An accident occurs at an chemical plant and some nasty stuff leaks out into the air, destroying the ozone layer above a rural part of Hillbilly, Usa. Here is something you didn't know - a hole in the ozone layer can actually turn you into a bile spewing cannibalistic mutant, something that a female reporter discovers when she takes a roadtrip into the heart of the multicolored goo-flowing county along with a really, really, really annoying guy (Scott Davis from The Abomination, still sporting that mullet) who I first thought was her brother but isn’t. They travel around trying to interview people all while we get to follow local hicks mutating and killing each other, all culminating in an orgy of cheap gore and awful acting. Awful, awful acting.

Ozone - Attack of the redneck mutants is really the worst/best kind of low budget gore trash. It has droves of everything, crappy acting, cheap effects, poor lighting and camerawork and a script that pretty much is just goofy and pointless - travelling from scene to scene with a very loose story structure. But this is also why I kind of like it. Yes, it is cheap and dull but sometimes you need a dose of this type of do it yourself filmmaking. It is very obvious that the filmmakers never took themselves that much seriously, the flick is full of silly, stupid humor and everything has an air of throwing in everything and the kitchen sink full of purple slime. The acting is over the top, the special effects aren’t very special but there are a lot of them. I can't hate this even though it took me three tries to watch the entire movie; it still gives you some sort of satisfaction if you can stand that horrendous acting. It does pale a bit when you compare it to The Abomination that has a story that is totally insane and fairly original as opposed to Ozone that is your basic mutant/zombiemovie. I wouldn’t recommend you watching both movies in a row - that might melt your brain into purple goo.

This is good, preposterous and aggravating fun that might tax your patience a bit. I don’t really think it matters what I say about the movie, the moment you read shot on super 8 gore movie you had already decided if you wanted to see this or not.

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  1. Ozone - Attack of the redneck mutants sounds like an alternate title to Stake Land....

    Although, I think I'd enjoy Ozone more.