måndag 19 oktober 2009

100 Feet (2008)

For some reason Eric Red vanished from the face of the earth after his excursion into werewolves in Bad Moon 1996, at least as far as moviemaking goes. I have no idea what happened but now he is back with a nice little horrorflick that actually has that little extra to make the movie stick out. It doesn't reinvent the wheel (or the genre for that matter) but is a nice, scary litte ghostflick.
Sexy Famke Janssen play the wife of a policedetective who had the tendency to beat the crap out of her, until that special day that resulted in his death. Famke is sentenced to a long time in jail, but after some time she is allowed to serve the remainder of her sentence in house arrest, with an electronic ankle bracelet. The problem is, the ghost of her husband is still at the house and his doing his best poltergeistimpression.

The concept is simple but effective though there are a bunch of plotpoints that really doesnt make sense, for example why her husbands partner on the force never knew about her half a dozen reports to the police of spousal abuse. None of these hurt the story in any way, just minor points of annoyance. As a horror movie this works just fine, with all the usual clichés performed to satisfaction. I can take that as long as its done with some style or love to the genre. Famke is an even better actress than I remember and its fun to see Michael Pare in a role as an angry special effect. All in all, a fun little horror movie with a nice setup and a heap of decent scares.

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  1. Eric Red crashed his car in 2000, killing two in the accident. Afterwards he tried to slit his throat with a piece of glass and was taken to hospital. There's been a lot of court time for Red, and a large amount of money to be paid to the victim's families.

    So I guess he's been busy outside the movie world for a while...

  2. Now that you mention it, I remember reading something about that years ago...

  3. Great concept of a ghost-movie. I need to have this one. And I love Bad Moon. Nice little werewolf-flick.

  4. I was always a sucker for "Body Parts", I really need to get that one...

  5. Really liked this movie! Famke Janssen put in a good performance.