måndag 26 oktober 2009

Ghost story (1981)

For some reason John Irvings movie adaption of Peter Straubs Ghost story has been given mostly awful reviews. It's not a perfect film whatsoever and there are some pretty big holes in the script but it's not that bad. It's nice and cozy, has cool effects by Dick Smith and a nude Alice Krige. What can be wrong with that?
A bunch of creaky old guys regularily meet up and tell ghost stories. At the same time one of the old guys sons is killed in a strange accident and it all points toward something that happened 50 years earlier, something the old geezers are pretty ashamed to talk about.

I havent read Peter Straubs novel but it's pretty clear that it is much more deeper than the simple script John Irving had to make something decent with. Characters are introduced, just to vanish for long stretches of time until they are needed again and a lot of what I assume to be backstory is lost. It's too bad since Irving is a capable director who delivers a couple of really nice shocks, though he is helpded immensely by Dick Smiths rather nasty liquified corpses. A more than decent timewaster but still, a wasted opportunity. It does have a nude Alice Krige. Did I mention that already?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I read the book at least... It started off well, but then I think old Straub went completely bonkers on this one with his convoluted intellect. I just cannot stand pretentious novelists ;-) Oh, the film? Well, I don't know...

  2. Convoluted intellect? I havent read Ghost story, but I've read a couple of his other books and I didnt get that feeling from them. I'm not doubting you though, just curious.