fredag 16 oktober 2009

Not quite Hollywood - The Wild, untold story of Ozploitation (2008)

Now this is something every moviegenre should have - a totally loving tribute. Not quite Hollywood is the exploration of the exploitationgenre as it rose in Australia in the early seventies and its culmination in the 80s. It features tons of interviews with the Directors, producers and actors involved and is presented in such a loving way that it makes you want to hunt down all of the films featured, movies like Road games, Turkey shoot, Mad max, the list is huuuuge. There are tons of clips full of the violence and nudity from the films and there is not a dull moment. In fact, it could've been much longer. Thankfully, the two disc special edition has about an hour of deleted scenes and two hours worth of trailers of all the movies in the documentary. Too bad I bought the 1-disc Uk release. Time to doubledip.

Not much more to say. If you have any interest at all in exploitation movies, this is a must buy. So, go out and buy it. NOW!

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