tisdag 6 april 2010

A bit of the ole mainstream...

This weekend I watched the following movies:

Shutter Island.
A good looking, well directed and well acted thriller that unfortunately is way too predictable for its own good. The ending was pretty inevitable and the only questions were details. Still, good viewing.

A mix between Assault on precint 13 and Prince of darkness. Take two good movies, mix them and get a... half decent one? Entertaining, sort of, but a movie with hudnreds of people possessed requires large amounts of violence, something this movie fails to deliver. Watch it if you have nothing better to do.

A fun story with a great concept. The whole world has been turned into vampires who are trying to live normal lives while the human population (And the source for the vampires sustainance) is dwindling away. Unfortunately, the filmmakers dont really have anywhere to go with the story and it kinda fizzles out after a great first half. Still worth watching though.

Isnt it sad, you have a whole weekend to watch obscure exploitation movies and all you watch is this? Damn you Left 4 dead 2, damn you...

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