onsdag 7 april 2010

Triangle (2009)

Here is a fun flick that basically is a more adult Twilight zone episode, but with a fun story and some great visuals that'll leave you satisfied after watching it. It's the concept of Groundhog day with a day taking place over and over again, but this time in a horror setting and that is something I would like to see more of. This time some holidaymakers are on a sailing cruise in the Bermuda triangle, going straight into the storm of the millenium. With the boat capsized and turned upside down, they manage to climb aboard on a large cruiseship finding it totally abandoned. Well, this is a horror movie. Not totally abandoned. Our heroine, Jess played by Melissa George (or the Greys anatomy girl as my girlfriend called her) starts hearing weird noises and soon they all start to die one by one, blasted to bits by a masked psycho with a shotgun. But then it all starts over again from the moments before climbing aboards the ship, with Miss George still aboard the boat, there being two of her. Things play out fairly similar to earlier and she realizes that some of the sounds they heard were actually her. Everyone dies again and everything starts over. Is there a way to stop this or are they doomed to play this game forever? And just who is that masked killer?

This is a fun flick with a fun concept, played out well on the screen. The twists and turns come flying at a mad pace and even though some are quite easy to figure out, others arent. The tension on the boat is high as you follow Jess first trying to find out the rules of it all and then trying to play it, through paths set up by a former self. It doesnt really end up as you would think and although I didnt feel that the ending was 100% succesful, it is still satisfactory. This is Christopher Smiths third film after the atmospheric Raw Meat ripoff creep and the amusing horrorcomedy Severance and he handles the horrors and goings on quite well. I am really looking forward to seeing his next movie now, Black Death, something about Satan and the black plague. Recommended.

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  1. Yes, it's fun and quite decent overall... It's lagging in a few scenes, but my favorite moments are of course the "dead body pile-scene" and the general loop concept... A little bit too much of a nasty Butterfly Effect, though... If you want to see a real atmospheric and dismal kind of loop-movie you'd must see Cerdá's ABANDONED (which I guess you've had ;-)