söndag 25 april 2010

The Cave (2005)

This review is a statement: There can never be enough horrormovies set in caves, never. Yes, despite Olatunde Osunsamis attempt to totally annihilate the genre with his atrocity The Cavern, the genre lives on. 2005 was an excellent year for not only did we get Neil Marshalls superior Descent, we also got Bruce Hunts fine The Cave. Now, The Cave is no masterpiece. It has awfully shallow and macho characters and an ending full of fire and explosions that only could happen in a Hollywoodmovie and doesnt really seem appropriate in a move like this. But, and these are nice Buts, the scenery and cinematography is excellent and just the thought of a huge cavesystem full of parasiteinfested creatures gives me comfy chills. The story isnt exactly original though: A group of cavedivers have been enlisted to explore a newly discovered partially underwater cavesystem i Romania and since this is a horrormovie it doesnt take long before they are trapped after a tunnel collapses. Que nasty critters full of parasites.

Yes, cliched. But it works just fine! The environments are truly awesome thanks to some excellent setdesign and although you dont get that exact disgusting claustrophobic feeling that Descent managed to get, it still feels pretty dark and nasty. Wetnasty.

And there is not much more to say really. This is a fine monstermovie well worth watching. You should do that.

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  1. I thought it would be crap... a Descent rip-off but I actually liked it.
    The underwater caves were beautiful and the monsters cool.
    The characters could be better (way better) but it worked anyway.
    Good stuff!