fredag 18 januari 2013

10 movies you need to see

A found footage horrormovie that starts like it's trying to be a complete list of all the genres faults but punches you in the gut halfway through and goes completely insane! My review here.

This french microbudgeted monstermovie deserves more attention than it got, every selfrespecting monstermoviefan should own this. To quote my own review, Think Wrong turn meets Tremors. Without the rednecks. In France.

Another french movie, this one with a Lovecraft tint and set in basically one room, a prison cell. Great acting and good characters makes this essential viewing. My review here.

Western/horror mashups are rare and I sincerily wish there was more, especially since The Burrowers show that you can really do something good with it. It might be slow paced but the dread feels more real than most. My review here.

This one is hard to describe, think Alien/The Thing but set on a cold and wet Irish farm with mutant cows! Sounds preposterous, but it isnt - on the contrary. Isolation is an excellent dreary little gem of a horrormovie. Review here

The hands down best horrormovie ever to come out of Scandinavia. It might not answer all your questions about what is going on but the ride is so delicious that you really don't care. Review here.

The second best horrormovie ever to come out of Scandinavia. Skjult takes it's haunted house story into the dark Norwegian woods and hands out some pretty awesome chills. Review here.

A young French woman is impregnated by a weird parasite that forces her to kill people to feed it as it grows inside her belly. Sounds like a Troma movie but is an excellent comic book style gorefest of epic proportions. Review here.

Here is a little gem that I tend to talk about a lot, a french horror/scifi/musical which for some reason is really hard to get, and that is a real shame. Tentacled aliens and Vanessa Paradis, how can you go wrong? Review here

While The Carrier is not exactly a "good" movie as far as acting and production values go, it is still one of the more stranger experiences out there without going down the avant garde / just got out of film school route. Like if David Lynch did an adaption of Stephen King. Review here

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  1. I need to find Ressonances, Atomic Cirkus and The Carrier. The other seven titles are simply amazing! Great blog, great reviews, great movies!
    Check out my page if you like!

  2. Ressonances and The Carrier shouldnt be too hard to find, they're both available on R1 dvd, although Code Reds release of Carrier might be OOP. Atomik circus on the other hand, that might be harder. The only englishfriendly release is the Thai which can be quite hard to find. It is really worth it though. :)

    Gonna check your blog and I've already noticed a couple of good ones in the 2012 fave list. :)

  3. cool. some good stuff to check out then! :)