måndag 21 oktober 2013

Death bed: The bed that eats (1977)

I'm not so sure that Death bed: the bed that eats is the best title for this movie so here are a couple of suggestions for what could work better:

Death bed: the bed that burps, farts and snores after eating people (and their food)

Death bed: 77 minutes of narrated dialogue can be pretty damn dull

Death bed: How the hell was this movie made, it is about a bed that eats people for crying out loud!

Death bed: With pretensious narration by Stewie Griffin stuck in a painting

Death bed: A series of semi-random scenes with a really weak narrative

Death bed: Dull arthouse but still strangely mesmerizing

Death bed: A movie that makes no sense whatsoever but really should be seen to be believed

Death bed: The nudity and cheap gore helps.

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