söndag 13 oktober 2013

Rise of the animals (2011)

Rise of the animals sets the tone straight away with a scene of a distraught woman facing off with a badly dubbed cat, and proceeds to shove a stuffed animal into a garbage disposal unit. We are then treated to a wonderful scene where a clearly very happy Labrador kills her and we know we are in for a treat.

For some reason all the animals in the world have risen up to kill all the pesky humans. While this is happening a geeky pizza delivery boy makes a delivery to a small cabin in the woods where he meets up with Samantha, the girl of his dreams, has awkward and very quick sex with her only to wake up with her gone and the cabin under siege from a herd of very aggressive deer. Everyone but himself, his best friend and the best friends sister are promptly killed and Wolf, our hero, sets out on a quest to locate Samantha. Yes, a cute little road movie with the extra helping of the sister being in love with Wolf. Not exactly what I was expecting.

The whole thing is very tongue in cheek, which is has to be when all the animal attacks are either really goofy sock puppets or very crude CGI but it never takes the concept too far into Troma territory which makes it work just a little bit more than I expected it too. There is no mugging towards the camera, most of the kills are goofy but never too silly. The love-triangle kinda takes up a bit more time of the proceedings than I would have liked but it is never boring and the actors do a decent job in a scenario that requires them to be drenched in buckets of blood over and over again while having a straight face fighting CGI gorillas or deer sock puppets.

I suggest you watch the trailer first. If you aren't put off by it then chances are you will like the movie. I had a good time, the movies is too short for you to be bored (70 minutes. 62 without credits) and I like watching deer sock puppets biting peoples arms off. Dont you?

One final question though. What happened to Samantha? Watch the movie and answer that question for me. I have no idea.

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