måndag 11 november 2013

Beyond dream's door (1989)

I think I've seen this movie before but I'm not sure. Or did I dream that? Or did I see the movie in a dream? Or did I dream that I dreamt that I saw the movie? This does not make any sense and that is a perfect description of Beyond dream's door, a lovely 80s cheapo about a demon haunting a guy from within his own dreams. I think.

But then again, you can't hate a movie that tries so hard. The movie is just a long series of horror imagery that are both ambitious and unfulfilling due to lack of a proper budget to show it all, it piles them on in such a breakneck pace that you rarely have time to dwell on the less succesful scenes. There is a shitload of cheap gore effects and earnest but atrocious acting and random plot twist to ensure that you aren't bored for a one second. And there are boobs.

So if you like cheap 80s goremovies there is a lot of fun to be had here. Or did I just dream that? That rickety rubbermonster that chases everyone could very easily be a figment of my sleeping mind. Which means that if you are reading this you are just a figment of my sleeping imagination, cannon fodder for the demon that dwells beyond my dream's door. I think I need help.

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