söndag 4 juli 2010

The Children (2008)

Admit it, you want to see kids killed on film. One of those taboos that never seem to go away, The Children tries to make amends for that by killing of its evil kids in fairly violent ways, even though they they actually chicken out in the end, not showing any gory details. At least the filmmakers compensate with gory kills, including a short but sweet knife in the eye gag.

Yes, the children are turning evil. Why, we never find out other than that the script allude to some sort of unknown disease. We follow a couple of families going out to a countryhouse during the winter, with the movie starting out like one of those dreadful dramas with the couple bickering about their relationships. But soon the kids start puking yellow and setting up traps for their parents, like a sledride into a pair of hooks, the eyeviolence earlier mentioned and some other juicy bits. Of course, the parents never really believe that their toddlers are capable of such deeds, making it easier for the nasty little critters to claim their kills.

I liked The Children a lot, for several reasons. Firstly, the acting is great, both the adults and especially the kids who goes from weeping to killing in seconds. The script is low on details, but uses the cute little children in good, sick setpieces and although the ending isnt exactly satisfying, the rest of the movie makes up for that. The violence isnt really that graphic, but the deaths are of the kind that hurt and makes you cringe from time to time. I recommend The Children to anyone that likes a decent horrormovie or anyone that likes to watch fouryearolds stuff toys into open, steaming gutwounds or the very same fouryearold get impaled on a wooden splinter. Time to watch Who would kill a child?

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