fredag 11 december 2009

Hands of steel aka Vendetta dal Futuro (1986)

A recipe for making a nice potboiler:

Take two genres or mix them. If you do not have access to two genres, take one genre and mix with elements of any popular movie at the current time. Like in this case, Terminator and Stallones armwrestlingopus, Over the top. Mix them well and put in a couple of semiwellknown faces and you have a hit! Right? Right?!
I dont know if this movie was a hit, and the whole thing gets a rather somber tone when you realize that this was Claudio Cassinellis last film who died in a helicopter accident while shooting. The way he exits the picture is obviously not even featuring him. It's a bit sad.

Anyway, Daniel Greene stars as a cyborg programmed to kill the leader of an environmental group in a near future where the megacorporations rule. In the last moment he remembers something of his former humanity and stops short of killing his mark. He decides to flee to flee and ends up in Arizona, in a small bar run by Janet Ågren and ends up making an enemy out of George Eastman, a baad truckdriver, beating him in armwrestling (technically cheating since our hero is a cyborg), all while John Saxon sends out hired killers led by Claudio Cassinelli. Since its directed by Sergio Martino you know you're gonna get a couple of decent actionsequences which is true in this case and a general slickness. Hands of steel is another one of those nice little scifiromps that Italy churned out in the eighties. There is violence, hokey dubbed dialogue and lots of fun. If you're into this type of movies you will have a good time.

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  1. Det tuffa är ju att det fanns rejäla cyborgs 1997. Vart tog dom vägen sen?

  2. Frågan är vart 1997-framtiden överhuvudtaget tog vägen!?

  3. 1997-framtiden är Sverige av idag. Haha.