måndag 7 december 2009

Lightblast (1985)

Now, somewhere out there is a special encyclopedia. If you find it and look up the word Goofy, you will find the poster for this movie. Its stupid, silly and just, just, well I dont know. It has people melting, Eric Estrada walking around in his underwear and a blackmailing superevil scientist with a giant laser living on a barge. Did I mention melting people? Melting as in Raiders of the lost ark though, not Devils rain.

It also has Eric Estradas then wife starring as his movie wife. Her Imdb credits arent really that extensive and there is a reason for that. She is god damn awful. One of those actresses who only should show us their breasts or play a corpse. At most. Fortunately she is killed halfway through the movie, thankfully sparing us from any more of her awful dialoguerenderings.

Anyway, since this is a Enzo G Castellari movie it is still better than a lot of crappy actioneers. It has decent pace, several good actionscenes and I can think of worse ways of spending 90 minutes.

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  1. A pure guilty pleasure! I recommend the similar Hammerhead to!