onsdag 16 december 2009

Claypots of the Burial ground part 1

Inspired by Fred and his fetishism for Nightmare city and it's mutants, I decided to rip off his little segment and introduce my favorite walking pieces of smelly goo from my all time fave Italian zombiemovie, Le notti del terrore aka Burial ground aka Zombie 3 aka Nights of terror aka Zombie dead aka Zombi horror. These zombies are of the Zombi 2 type, actors smothered in claymasks that actually look kinda cool, though not perhaps anatomically correct. And no, we cant see their nosetips because they are painted _black_.

It's a bit dark down in the tombs but this is the fella that the professor tries to reason with by uttering the immortal words: "Stand back! I am your friend". Suffice to say, it does not work.

Here he is again, in a better angle. Handsome fella.

No, we do NOT see his eyelids or his nosetip because they are painted _black_!

Here we have Etruscan zombie #5, in a delightful creation for those lovely but chilly early autumn evenings.

With a strong, masculine pink tie, Etruscan zombie #8 is preparing for a nice dinner on the town

NO, we do NOT see his eyelids or his nose, NOR his lips, because they are painted _black_!!!

Here we have the infamous helping zombie who is actually pointing in the direction he thinks the main characters should go. Which they actually do.

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  1. Hahahahaha! I love this!
    That first guy is actually quite creepy to, and I would NEVER tell him I was his friend :)