måndag 14 december 2009

Cannibal Mercenary (1983)

This is juicy stuff! Cannibal mercenary is a thai actioneer packed to the brim with violence and gore, perfect for a candlelight dinner with that special one.¨My favorite user comment from Imdb: What if Herschell Gordon Lewis directed an Asian war film?

The plot is... plot? Is there a plot? Well, sort of. It does appear about an hour into the movie. Before that there are tons of different scenes of the characters walking in the jungle and killing vietcong. Just random sequences. One by one they are killed by different traps (I tell you, there was some difficulty for me to keep track of the characters. After one kill I was pretty sure there was gonna be five of them (especially since you dont see the face of the guy who gets decapitated in the latest trap)but when the smoke clears there are six of them. What we have here is a movie with a bunch of tough guys going into the jungle to kill someone and they get picked off one ny one, in very gory fashion. The lead actor is pretty ok even though he is dubbed, in a nice intense way and there are actually a scene or two that kind of comes half near the horrors of war, but the main force of the movie is gore. Gore, gore, gore and lots of it. Between the gorescenes there are lots and lots of decently coreographed fightscenes and a lot of shooting. A lot. Those vietcong sure shoot like they were blind.

The music is rather good too. At least the bits that were stolen from Dawn of the dead.

Ok, thai action with lots of violence and gore. Wtf are you waiting for?

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  1. I'm waiting for the sequel to appear at my local gas station.

  2. The film has the weakest plot ever I'll grant you that. However, I don't quite agree that we aren't told about the plot until we're an hour into the movie. Actually we're told right from the start: The main character is paid to go back to Vietnam to find and eliminate "a problem".
    PS: Nice to see my scan doing the rounds. This tape is so über rare it's ridiculous! I paid A LOT of money for my tape and yesterday someone leaves a comment on my war blog and says he found the damn tape for 80 cents. Argh!! :/

  3. Yes, he's told to go into the jungle and then they go into the jungle and walk and walk and walk in the jungle for an hour (my favorite bit is when all decide to leave so the hero walks around by himself looking pissed for 5 minutes until they all return to save him, just in the nick of time) until they come to the village and are peed upon, and then they refuse to tell them why thay are there for at least 15 minutes. :)

    I remember buying my Atlantis interceptors tape for like 10 sek, in a garage sale somewhere. I thought it was an ok price.