onsdag 16 december 2009

2020 Texas gladiators (1982)

I watched Joe D'amatos Endgame the other day and you can tell by my review that it was my cup of tea, so this immediately led to 2020 Texas gladiators aka One eye force aka Anno 2020 - I gladiatori del futuro, a movie I almost consider a companion piece. This one is supposed to be co-directed by George Eastman, which doesnt really tell me that he has any business directing movies because this is mostly a big waste of time. It starts of really well though, with a cool sequence where our heroes advance upon a bunch mutants ravaging a priest and some nuns in an underground ruin. Tits and gore galore, until all the mutants are dead where everything starts to spiral downward. One of the rangers (they are texas rangers, not gladiators) saves a girl from being raped by a fellow ranger and decides to quit and follow her to start anew in the wasteland. Now we jump to a couple of years later where he (It's Al Cliver btw) and his wife now has a child and are working to start up a power plant to provide clean energy. Then the nazis arrive in the shape of Donald O'brien and his cohorts. Cliver dies, his wife is raped and his former fellow rangers set out to avenge his death. Or something like that. Its really silly. It's basically a westernscript in another setting. We even get a saloonfight and indians, complete with bows and arrows.

The only positive I can say about this movie is that it has some gore and violence, some decent fightscenes and a groovy synthscore. But thats about it. It's a western set in a couple of quarries with a bit of violence and some nudity. If you absolutely dont have anything else to watch and need an italian exploitation fix, it will do. But I'd rather watch Endgame or 2019: After the fall of New York.

Another thing, keep away from the german dvd which proclaims itself Uncut on the cover. It is not. Fuckers.

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