måndag 14 december 2009

Surviving evil (2009)

This was one of those buys that came from just watching a trailer. I didnt read any reviews, nothing. Was that stupid? Yeah, I guess. The movie had potential but never came close.

Billy Zane plays the host of a Survivor tv-show where he goes into the wild and tries to survive by eating grubs and stuff. For this episode he takes his small crew and travels to an island in the philipines to hang out in the jungle for six days and talk to the natives on the island. Too bad they've just been wiped out by some sort of nasty creatures straight out of Philipine folklore.

The films biggest problem, something it almost doesnt overcome, is the fact that it is too generic. The characters arrive on the island, bicker a bit (though a bit less than usual) and start to die one by one. One of the crew already knows of the creatures but he has a secret agenda (which for once actually isnt evil). There isnt really anything more than this and the whole thing has the feeling of a scifichannel movie of the week and a rather slow pace doesnt help. Still, it is a little more well made than the usual cgisnakemovie and has the benefit of being shot in an actual jungle, better actors than usual (Billy Zane is for once playing a character that is genuinly likable) and slightly better direction. The creatures themselves are ok, looking like full size versions of the puppets in Attack of the beast creatures, but would've worked better if we didnt see them all the time and some of the effects towards the end are really pitiful.

Still, it's a little bit better than the usual low budget monsterfare, has a fair amount of blood and gore and Nathalie Mendoza from The Descent is awfully nice to look at, especially in the scenes with her in a bikini. Monsterfans only.

Any relations?

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