tisdag 29 december 2009

Moon (2009)

The scifimovies were better in the seventies, at least the hard ones. There was a somber, more calculated tone over and the special effects were more serious, preferring realism over flash. Movies like Andromeda strain and Phase IV (everyone who thinks its a worthy candidate for MS3TK is a second hand human being and should be shot in the kneecaps) set a standard which todayss scifi have a very tough time following, and are instead filling up with empty special effects. Well, Moon is not a perfect movie - it's pace is awfully slow and the "twist" is rather predictable but the movie comes out a winner since it is obviously made with love for the genre.
Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an astronaut on the final week of a three year shift at a mining facility on the moon. He is very happy that he is soon going home, but his mind is starting to play tricks on him, making him see things that arent there. Because of all this he has an accident while going outside to a automatic mining rig. He soon wakes up in the moonbase but there is already someone else there, someone that looks and acts just like him. What the f##k is going on?

You'll figure things out pretty quick and realize where this is all going to end, but it is still a worthwile journey thanks to a smart script and a two great performances by Sam Rockwell as Sam and... Sam? The visuals of the moonbase and the outside moonscape are another of the movie's assets, making the movie a nice, visual feast. Yes, this is a piece of levelheaded, good hard scifi in an era where hard scifi isnt interesting for the moviegoers. Thank you Michael Bay. Expect a slow pace and you'll be justly rewarded.

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  1. Great site you have here! Happy i found it. Moon was a pretty good movie. Sam Rockwell was excellent.